TCT and Jayride: Partnering for a Seamless Travel Experience

We’re excited to announce a powerful partnership between TCT (Travel Connection Technology) and Jayride, aimed at transforming the way you travel. Through this collaboration, we’re bringing a world of convenience right to your fingertips.


What does this mean for you? With TCT’s innovative B2B technology platform, Traviola, and Jayride’s extensive network of transportation options, we’re making it easier than ever to book airport transfers for your travels. Whether you’re a travel agency, tour operator, or an online travel agent, you now have access to over 3,700 reputable transportation companies and transfer options from more than 1,600 airports worldwide.


But it doesn’t stop there. Our CEO, Alexandru Elisei, puts it best: “As the CEO of TCT, I’m truly excited about this partnership. Together with Jayride, we’re dedicated to revolutionizing travel convenience. We believe that this collaboration will not only streamline the booking process but also elevate the travel experience for our clients, making the transfer booking process more accessible and efficient than ever before.”


To unlock a world of seamless travel possibilities and take advantage of this partnership, visit and connect your agency with Traviola and Jayride.


Join us in shaping the future of travel!



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