Mid and Back Office

What is Mid and back office?

The Mid and Back Office will help you to quickly increase your productivity by reducing redundant tasks allocated time, and by automation for highly repeated processes.


Bundling multiple modules, the Mid and Back Office helps on managing the bookings, the business logic, clients and suppliers invoices, payments and settlements.

Mid and Back Office is suitable for:

Travel wholesalers

Online travel agencies

Incoming or outgoing tour operators

Agency networks with multiple points of sales

Travel management companies

How does it work?

The Mid and Back Office is a web-based piece of software serving the products content management, clients relationship, accounts and finance.


It is used to add and manage clients, to define business profiles, to adjust the credit limits, control the bookings, invoices and payments life cycle, in one word, to governate all the activity flows.

Auto-assist, the virtual back-office agent.

The Mid and Back Office comes equipped with a virtual agent, taking on its shoulders most of the repetitive tasks, which normally would require large teams, heavy procedures, and highly skilled personnel. Starting with a complete bookings x-ray check, under all the angles, from the destination, hotel, check-in and take-off time, and up to the price reconfirmation, reservation status, cancellation policies, or even the event option name or cruise ship name, the Auto-assist is doing an entire team work, scanning all the operations and reporting any detected issues.


All these convert to higher accuracy, and lower personnel work volume, allowing the travel professionals to stay focused on the sales and clients.

Complicated markups and commissions profiles managed with ease.

The margin strategies can be easily built and managed using dedicated tools for setting the rules for the final price calculation. Multiple rules are bundled under the form of profiles, while various profiles can be allocated to different clients. The full history of profiles is kept in the system together with the breakdown of the final price calculation for future reference.

Integrated accounts and invoices management

Invoice generation is an automatic process controlled by a Mid and Back Office tool that takes into consideration various aspects related to clients and sold products. While for most of the reservations the invoices are generated automatically, there are cases when manual invoices are requested, so the Mid and Back Office has all the necessary functions to generate any type of invoice, which will respect the reservation conditions and logic.

The system can work in multiple business models related to the clients: credit limit, cash, credit card, or hybrid. The client’s credit limit may be controlled, the Mid and Back Office being responsible to deduct or restore credit limit amounts based on the operation type.

The invoice’s installments are automatically calculated based on the installments profiles defined in the system, per destination, provider, client, service or group of services. 3rd Party Accounting Softwares may be integrated on request, or one could choose from the list of already existing integrations.

Mid and Back Office key features

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