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What are the Travel Wholesalers challenges?

We understand the challenges of Travel Wholesalers in our fast-paced industry, and we know that all the challenges derives from the client’s expectations. For a Travel Wholesaler, the client is a B2B partner having access to multiple online systems, from other players on the market, and speed and accuracy could be the keys for a long and prosperous cooperation.

Having the traveler in front of him, your B2B partner is looking to have the best offer with accurate and rich content, in the shortest possible time and under the best conditions.

5 things to have for a great wholesaling business.


Speed is life in this business. Usually, if the solutions are not on the screen in under 5 seconds, the agent will be invited to leave your system and try your competition.


You need access to multiple sources of content, eventually combined with your own inventory, everything deduplicated and curated, in order to be prepared to satisfy any type of request.


The more ways you market and distribute your products, the biggest the chances to increase sales. You need to be prepared to sell through your system, through affiliates, or to expose your products through a fast API.


There are procedures and best practices routines that your team has to cover on a daily basis in order to manage the full system activity. The more routines are automated or performed by robots, the less time your team has to spend on repetitive tasks and the fewer human errors can block your business.


You need to have accurate reports from all activity levels in order to take the most prolific decisions for revenue increase.

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