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What is Traviola B2C?

Traviola B2C is a complete software for agency sales and can serve networks of hundreds of agencies or travel management companies.


The B2C version of Traviola keeps the core capabilities of the B2B version, expanding the range of functionalities in direct sales to the final customer.

Traviola B2B is the perfect solution for:

Agency networks with multiple sales points and cost centers

Travel management companies that need to combine their own inventory with online suppliers

Individual agencies that want access to numerous providers and services

Online agencies that sell through call centers or websites dedicated to the end customers

Outgoing tour operators who sell vacations also directly to the final consumer

How does it work?

Traviola B2C was created to simplify the travel agent’s challenges in the complex process of selling to end customers, covering all steps from prospecting and inquiries to ensuring a high degree of consumer satisfaction and requesting post-trip feedbacks.

The automatic document generator, the event calendar, the CRM and the advanced search tools are just some of the functionalities that make the work of travel agents easier.

What travel services can be booked in Traviola B2C?


Flight (both GDS's content and Low-Cost Carrier)

Packages (from the connected tour operators, prebuilt in the Inventory System, or dynamically defined in Traviola)

Nego Fares and Charter Flights

Charter and Hotel (bundled services being booked in the same step)


Bus (from the integrated suppliers or hosted in the Inventory Management System)

Car rental



Offline Services (the user can add offline bookings for most of the services)

Sport and Events

Visa services


One core, multiple flavours.

Built on Traviola’s B2B foundation, the B2C version offers the same impressive number of online connections with travel service providers, performance, and fast search response time, saving time for the agent, who can pay more attention to the relationship with the clientele.

The process of searching for the perfect hotel for the client is a demanding task, and Traviola treats this subject with innovation, speed and efficiency. Traviola permanently indexes complex dictionaries of airports, destinations, hotels, and points of interest, mixing various content sources and a multitude of algorithms, resulting in a natural experience for the travel agent. From the first characters entered in the search form, the system naturally suggests all types of entities suitable for the entered information. Thus it is possible to search by geographical regions, airports, hotels, or hotel chains, by cities, or around points of interest in a destination. It can be searched on the map, in a certain area or directly by a postal address. Typing mistakes are also allowed because Traviola will correct the information based on a phonetic analysis of the entered elements, suggesting the correct term. In this way, a mistake like “Prgue”, will suggest the destination Prague based on the phonetic analysis algorithm.

Control the price, increase the yield.

Combining various services from suppliers with different business models, Traviola B2C reveals to the travel agent the purchase and selling price breakdown, allowing him to maximize profit and increase the chances of a sale.

From accommodations that can combine the net price model with the gross price model to flights and cruises, where there are also taxes in addition to the ticket price, Traviola B2C normalizes all offers so they can be compared and allows the agent to add additional service fees, increasing the margin, or to offer discounts for recurrent clients.

Traviola B2C key features

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