What is BI and Reporting?

The Business Intelligence and Reporting module is a tool that allows you to take business decisions for growth by measuring and comparing the supplier’s and operators’ performance.


It records hundreds of metrics and stores all this big data in modern persistence layers, making it instantly available in the form of various custom reports.

Being connected to all Traviola selling platforms, the Business intelligence and Reporting module deliver critical information for any company using TCT booking systems.

How does it work?

Starting with the first interaction with the system and ending with complex aggregations of various types of data, the BI and Reporting tool collects constantly all relevant input, based on Traviola processes, aggregating in real-time the information under the form of templated reports, displayed or exported instantly to the user.


Because all available reports are calculated asynchronous and on a separate infrastructure, this highly consuming work doesn’t affect the booking system in terms of performance, making all the metrics available instantly. So, once an operation occurs in Traviola Booking System, it is immediately indexed and available in various reports.

The sales at a glance

One of the most important reports is the sales one, and the Sales Report in the BI and Reporting tool is presenting the sales activity, brokedown under more than ten metrics, split by client and period of time, including all the operations since one second prior to being displayed to the user.


Covering sales and profit, under the form of value and share, and analyzing the client’s performance by look-2-book and book-2-cancel ratios, the report can be requested by various criteria and can be ordered considering various fields.

Year to year reports. Profit by destination and hotels.

The most prolific destination or hotel, the most performant supplier, or year-to-year compared reports are available instantly. The reports can be filtered by time frames, countries, and other criteria, and the returned data includes the number of searches and bookings, amounts, and margin per unit. Complex reports offering decision taking advices can be rendered in no time.

The hourly heat map and flights related reports.

Is it important for you to know when is the most prolific moment of the day, or what day of the week is bringing the most income to you? No worries. The BI and Reporting Module calculate and aggregate continuously all quotations and bookings made in your system, maintaining a dynamic and ever-changing report, showing you the most intense days of the week and hours of the day, in terms of orders and searches, split by services.


If flight selling is the core of your business, there are various reports, like the ones related to segments sold by airline companies or the most prolific airports, which will allow you to adjust the margin wisely to increase the profit based on this data.

Automatic reports sent by email

Weekly, the BI and Reporting tool creates a nicely structured email that will arrive in your inbox, informing you what happened in your system lately. Information like clients who performed the best, destinations of high interest for your clients, or products that are in trend, are rendered in a short and good-looking email, giving you the best insight in a few seconds.

BI and Reporting key features

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