The New Year has just arrived and the Internet is already shaking about different trends on travel, web development, new technologies and other subjects of interest.

On their website, had shared some thoughts on web development for this year and they say that it will come with some powerful tools and evolving technologies.

First they say that Motion User Interface, part of Foundation for Apps by Google, it will be used more to create animations and CSS transitions and will make app’s look better and even more friendly. Another trend that is going to continue in the next couple of years are full-screen navigation designs that improves user experience on mobile devices.


Mobile devices are becoming more present then many other evolved technologies, that‘s why security will become one of top priorities and a lot of effort will be put into making secure apps.

2016 predictions bring more work for web developers to make our websites easier and simpler to use. They will have to focus on newer and faster technologies to improve the user experience of web browsing.

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