Travel Wholesalers

Are you a Travel Services Wholesaler and you want to boost your revenue and profit and totally eliminate your day-by-day risks. Great!

You are in the right place.

Spend you next 30 seconds reading what you need to make a great wholesaling business: 

1. You need speed. Speed is life in this business. If you are slow it’s like you say to your clients: please go and by from some other place! It will take me too much to show you what I have to sell. And they will leave.


2. You need to have access to many sources for your inventory. The more you have the better for the business

inventory sources

3. You need to offer to your resellers great geography and mapping together with deduplicated content. They don’t like to see a hotel 10 times in the results page.


4. You need to sell and cross sell through multiple channels. The more you spread your products, the bigger the revenue will be.


5. You need to be creative in your business aproach and your technology should continuosly improve, at least in the same rythm with the market demands.


Using our technology you have access to a complex booking and booking management system, which will cover a wide range of travel services and where you already find over 100 XML providers integrated. In the same time resellers management, business rules and mid office operations can be processed in a simple and easy to learn manner, so you will not suffer of difficult learning curves on between employees knowledge transfer.

You can aggregate multiple services from multiple providers and our technology has also all these important characteristics: 

  You can add infinite resellers and infinite affiliates
  You can allow your agents to use your whitelabel for selling in their behalf
  You can search based on location, service name or map
  You can combine own inventory with third party inventory
  You can set access to products based on your own politics
  You can create different profiles for access in the system
  You can create groups of financial rules and to apply to your markets
  You can use a complex scheme of markups to dictate the final price
  You can include multiple payment methods
  You can define credit limits
  You can deifne operational and sales managers

And for sure you will be online day and night and your system will work perfectly, like in day one, even if you will expand your business 100 times.