MICE and Groups Professionals

We know that MICE professionals have totally different technology needs, when it comes about having a tool to manage various activities and this is the reason why we built our specially dedicated piece of software in total connection with the client: to feel, touch and understand his day-by-day problems.

Dear MICE professional, we really apreciate you. You know why? Because we know that you, dear MICE professional, for sure yo had to deal, at least once,with the next situations:


Your initial request was to vague and you had too ask for more details


You client changed his mind even before your first hard worked quotation to be sent, so you have to start from scratch


You have so many emails in your inbox, that you are spending half of the time trying to organize


You have to keep under your observations tones of cancellation deadlines, terms of payments or options expirations


You have to print large, if not huge, quantities of paper for any project, to track offers from hotels, new requests from the clients, contracts with suppliers and so on. Organizing all of them, requires high skills and army discipline


When you need to find an information regarding an actual or passed project, you have to literally dig among folders, papers, notes, emails, files on the computer, trash can and so on.


When you have to transmit the rooming lists, it is a nightmare; you start building excel files trying to stay organized and not to forget things.


When you have to generate documents, there is a lot of manual working, calculations, descriptions adding and so on..

And many, many other minor things that can make one’s life not so happy in some moments.

Would you like a modern, fully automated and easy to use system, which to get you rid of all the above inconveniences and more than this to do a lot of other things which will increase your porductivity with at least 100%?