B2B System

Fast and reliable travel technology

Traviola B2B systems grants the travel agent with access to an extended inventory of different travel products that can be searched  and booked on behalf of the customers, thus enabling the travel agent to grow efficiency and increase sales revenues.


The travel agent will also be able to control not only its own reservations but also to manage all the reservation processes of their sub-agents.

iconFeatures of Traviola booking engine:

  • Simple account management
  • Centralized booking management
  • Multi language & multicurrency
  • Multi user and suppliers management
  • White label for B2B and B2C
  • Management and reservation tracking
  • Use of travel agent’s own brand
  • Booking and cancellation policies management
  • Instant operator to operator messaging


Software suite mac_tab_iphone

  • Rates management
  • Real time inventory
  • Tailored made graphic layout
  • Responsive layout
  • Different system deployment per client
  • Custom development and bespoke solution

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