NT Incoming

  • Location : Spain
  • Services: Incomming Travel Agency
  • Website: http://www.ntincoming.com/

NT incoming team with over 30 years experience in the tourist business represents one of the most experienced Incoming Agencies in all Spain. Offering a large Network of offices, in Spain and in the Caribbean.

NT Incoming’s objectives in this new  development is the collaboration with Natalie Tours and maintain the number of  Eastern European visitors coming to Spain, as well as open new markets from  Central Europe de Europa, such as Italy and Holland.

The distribution platform and product  management system chosen by NTincoming has been the Juniper Booking Engine  which allows them a centralised management system of all their operations. This  distribution platform is capable of managing every kind of Supplier contract,  including pre-bought guaranteed room contracts. At the same time, this platform  has an XML interface which allows the connectivity to those clients that need  to offer NTincoming’s online product or who simply wants to automate their  bookings.