Mid & Back Office

What is the Mid & Back Office Module? The Mid & Back Office Module will help you to quickly increase your productivity by reducing redundant tasks allocated time and by automation for highly repeated processes. Basically, the usage of the Mid & Back Office Module from our Travel Suite will help travel professionals to completely change, manage and adapt the workflow, on one side and to stay connected with the core of their business, on another side, through a complex automation, measuring and reporting infrastructure. The Mid & Back Office module is an individual piece of software and it can be connected to any other module from our Travel Suite, resulting structures to serve all the industries. For Online Travel Agent it will generate the end user invoices and will offer CRM functionalities, for DMCs will push the invoices into an accounting software if necessary, will facilitate payments management and will be in control over the suppliers reconciliation, while, for a Travel Wholesaler, this module’s functionality would be of resellers management, credit limits management, reservations tracking and many other tasks, that in a non automated system, can be not so trivial.

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The full list of features and functionalities is looking like this:

   Clients profile management
   Clients financial rules management
   Set credit limits for clients and process the credit limit based on the client’s actions
   Control the client’s access to facilities role
   Control the client’s access to services and products
   Build complex markup and discounts schemes
   Manage users and user’s operations in the system based on the IP
   Control full history of any action performed in the system
   Auto notification system for reservations closed to cancellation deadline
   Auto cancelling reservations
   Full xml and json logs per each reservation; available for any supplier dispute
   Full customizations of images and messages available in the system
   Reporting facility covering any needs from any department
   Auto invoicing synchronization with accounts software with email reporting and PDF generation
   Vouchers, invoices, notifications and credit notes templates controls
   Ability to create packages from already made reservations which will be invoiced like packages
•    VAT customization based on the operation and product
   Export of any data in CSV, preformatted excel and pdf for further analysis
   Ability to create and map analyzing codes

Fully automation for all reservation’s documents

When orders are made inside the system, the Mid Office takes care of all necessary tasks that usually should be processed manually by an operator. So, the client credit is checked and altered automatically, the financial documents are issued and linked to the reservation, the vital data like cancellation policies and charges are automatically calculated and posted inside the booking, the financial documents like invoices and credit or debit notes are generated and attached to services and all the notifications are dispatched by the system on email in respect to a set of custom made rules.

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Accounts software integration

The Back Office can be integrated to virtually any Accounts Software, based on the client preference, so all operations like clients profiling, sales, reconciling, payments and reports of any type can be synchronized with a 3rd party application.