Groups & M.I.C.E.– automated MICE management system

What is the Groups & MICE Module? Travel Connection Technology’s MICE module is a promise of excellence, it’s a special tool, designed to streamline complex activities that can be found in a professional event organizer’s day-by-day schedule. The core of Groups & MICE module is the client request. It can be vague or very explicit, but all the time it will generate a new project in the system and the new project is a facility that can accommodate:

– Multiple offers, because almost every time, you need to make more than one configuration

– Multiple itineraries, with different lengths and different services configurations

– Automated price calculation, based on the options rates

– Automatically markups or commissions calculations, per option, per service, or per total offer

– Automatically generated documents

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The Groups & MICE Module was developed starting with a deep analyze of the basic activities flow of MICE professionals, working for different markets and cultures, and so, you will benefit of these 3 key features


Key Insight: Once an operator receives a group or event request, this one has to usually start to prepare a new file for this project and to begin to request the hotel rates by asking for offers, on multiple accommodations facility and analyzing to decide which one is better. Next, he has to search for extra services and to start to build an offer for the client. Once the client accepts he has to prepare contracts, documents to manage the payments and to take care on deadlines. Usually, this kind of project translates into hundreds of email and printed papers and an operator cannot address more than 2-3 such projects per week. With the MICE module, all above operations are done automatically by the system and one person could serve 5 times more clients in the same time, through a very simple and organized fashion of work.

Because the journey from the initial email with the client request to the first proposal sent to the client is so easy and short, it will become trivial for one to address up to 5 times more project compared with classic way of working, which supposes a lot of excels and manual operations. The final result will be a dramatic revenue growth combined with extended flexibility when it comes of multi-market and multi-culture approach.

The major benefits MICE platform from Travel Connection Technology has, are: 

•   Transform a request in a project
•   Multiple offers on the same project
•   Bulk email requests to the suppliers based on templates
•   Multicurrency
•   Reuse old offers in new offers
•   Easy replace all the services in an old offer to quickly generate a totally new offer
•   Timeline view, with day, starting hour and duration for each service which will lead to a accurate final schedule for operational department or for the final client
•   Use any owned service from the database or from and XML third party supplier
•   Multiple services: accommodation, functionalities, transportation, restaurants and meals and beverages, entry fees, activities, tours, guiding, assistance and add-hoc services
•   Each service can be augmented with supplements and extras, which can affect the overview of the project, the price offer and the invoice
•   Easy manipulation of FOC (free of charge items), children and auxiliary personnel
•   Sub-group capability for cases when a group is split in multiple subgroups based on the each subgroup interests
•   Templates of projects that can be used in other projects when these become repetitive
•   Automatically import of services options and options prices if these were defined previously
•   Automatic documents generation: overview, itinerary, invoice, quotation, vouhers
•   Automatic mail tracking and importing into projects
•   Storage capability designated to record supplier’s contracts, client’s contract or any other vital document
•   Conversation view for email exchanged with suppliers or with the client
•   Send email directly from the application with no need of any other software
•   Supplier reconciliation
•   Notifications for expiring options and cancellation terms, payments added in the system, new messages from client or suppliers
•   Dashboard view with all important information regarding all the projects

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Automatic bulk offer request to tens of hotels based on pre-filtering criteria

Just fill your criteria in the system and the system will send tens of emails, to hoteliers, asking offers for your project, will receive and organize the responses, so you can send the initial quotation to the client in minutes

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Go paperless

You literally don’t need to print a paper anymore. All the emails are stored in the system, all discussions with clients and suppliers are initiated and received in the system, all contracts and various documents are uploaded in the system so you don’t have to print papers, use the local storage of your computer or use external emailing clients. All in one place.

The business is there and you know it, you just have to be able to process it faster, better and cheaper. What will you miss if you don’t use our product

more clients


more money


project structure


Take full advantage of this modern and effective way of doing M.I.C.E.