Most of you probably use apps for different purpose, such as getting the latest news, books, weather, playing games and more. You use an app because it’s easy to download, to use and often free; mobile apps are convenient and a must for most businesses.

We’ve worked hard to create our Android and iOS apps to help you get things done faster, right from your phone.

Mobile user –friendly

When developing the app we took into consideration many things as screen sizes, hardware specifications and configurations because mobile platforms are changing constantly.  Another essential component that our developers have paid attention are the mobile user interfaces design, formed of contexts, screen, input and mobility as outlines for design just to give you a better experience when booking online.

We have created for you an understandable, user-friendly interface for both of our apps.

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Accessible and cost-effective app

Travel Connection Technology has developed apps both for Android and iOS to provide business and leisure travelers with the most accessible and cost-effective app. This is another way of discovering and booking the broadest selection of accommodations, in every corner of the world.


You can freely download them directly from Google Play for Android and from iTunes for iOS. 


Faster booking

Your time is precious that’s why this app will offer you the best results in just a few seconds. You can choose from many hotels and prices no matter where your next destination is.

Filter results

If you are looking for a specific hotel, city or country the app will show you all available rooms and hotels regarding your filters such as number of stars or area.


It’s simple, download now and make your traveling easier, faster and cheaper.

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