B2C & Mobile solutions – web, Android and IOS solutions 

We live in a tech and modern world, where the modern consumer has modern habits and different needs. Some of them need more options when buying online, others need straight offers with limited options, some of them need filtering and searching extended facilities others want to go simple, but all of them have something in common:

–          They use PC or laptop

–          Or they use mobile phones and tablets

Our B2C solutions are prepared to expose your great travel products inventory to all clients categories, through modern and facile ways of generating the websites or, through our ready to personalize, IOS and Android apps. Using the web services from Traviola, the business is one step away.

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The key benefits of our B2C functionality is:

  Unique content based on own mapping facility
  Markup and margin control on each operation
  Multiple web sites or multiple mobile applications based on he same structure
  Fast answer and customizable design
  Push notification and confirmations on email and app
  Full history and reports of activity
  Credit card integration on request
  WordPress plugin for fast implementation
  Responsive design to adapt on mobile or tablet
  Multi currency and multi language

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Ready to deploy IOS and Android applications, just to be customized with your own brand

It literally takes 1 day for your own company’s mobile applications to be created, branded and placed into their markets, so you can advertise your own mobile B2C apps. The apps are connected to your Mid and Back Office, so you will be able to manage all reservations in one place. Together with the Extranet, Traviola and Mid and Back Office modules, you can create the perfect experience for your clients and the ultimate way of controlling your business for you,

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