The Extranet– Inventory Management System

The Extranet is Travel Connection Technology Travel Suite’s module dedicated to manage the direct contracts with travel services suppliers like: accommodation, transportations, tours and activities, entry fees, visas, restaurants and guides. It allows the travel professionals to upload custom products, which, on a later moment, can be marketed like individual offers or can be packed together with other services and sold like unique experiences. Starting with contracts dealing, to the products distribution and ending with selling control and reporting, everything is automated and works in a well designed and tested environment, allowing you to focus on your business without taking care of the tech side. Rich in features, the Extranet is very easy to be learned, the average necessary training period for a business travel educated person being of no more than 12-16 hours. Working with virtually an unlimited number of receptors, the Extranet can feed multiple distribution channels and the relations with the suppliers is managed by the system, running in a fully automated fashion.

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Originally created in 2010, the Extranet module is now at the second version, so we can speak about Extranet 2.0, version launched in 2015, based on the experience gathered in the field. As the company expanded it’s clients portfolio in Middle East and UK, the need for a solution which to manage a lot more aspects of travel services supplier’s contracts, became obvious. We can speak now about an outstanding solution, which can accommodate  virtually any contract in any market, without compromises.

Top 3 major benefits you will get using our extranet solution are:


Under 400 ms processing time for hundreds of solution in one search.


Chameleonic adaptability to any market, service, supplier, contract or special rule.

VVisual builder

Step 1,2,3 easy wizard for create holidays, tours and activities.

The technology used for building this unique piece of software is the latest one  and it allows fast changes in the products inventory when it comes of prices, allocation, free sale, promotions, supplements, policies or any special rule allowing the operator to stay in perfect sync with market demands and suppliers information.

Extranet Key Functionalities:

  Ability to manage multiple suppliers with full CRM facilities
   Accounts software integration for syncing suppliers in the back office system
   Easy upload and edit for services profiles: codes, descriptions, images, distances, key information
   Build own geography in multiple levels of details
   Google API integration for placing products on map
•   Multiple contracts management for the same product
   Seasons splitting
•   Markets management for managing different conditions based on the market (nationality and country of residence)
   Management of allocation for different levels : Master allocation, clients allocation, online allocation
   Management for extra items that can be optional or mandatory
   Free sale management
   Easy changing of  the allocation – price – stop sale combination based on suppliers fast notifications
   Unique promotions builder – multiple concurrent promotions, composed promotions, simple promotions
   The operator can choose between normal contract or promotions (promotions can control all contract’s details: prices, availability, cancellation charges, rules, release and so on…)
   Adapted diferent flows and information for different type of services: accommodations, transportations, entry fees, tours, activities, restaurants, guides, assistance, packages
•   Client’s export for availability and tariffs
   Full reporting facility: reservations, consumes, rates, stop sales, year to year, allocations, and so on…
   Multiple roles management
•   Multiple users, multiple currencies, multiple markups


One of the most aspect to be considered when you have to choose the right solution to manage your inventory is the promotion mechanism, as nowadays, at least but not only, hotels uses to provide tones of promotions and special conditions, available for limited periods of time, some time for 1 or 2 days, which overlap but does not overwrite in full the original contracts, so the back office managers strongly need a very easy way to start, stop or change promotions without touching the original contract. When the special conditions end, the system has to magically return to original contract’s conditions, but while multiple promotions can be considered, the system has to offer all possible options: normal contract together with all promotions combinations.

Simple and Combined Promotions:

promo scheme

Simple and Flexible Rules – Cancellation and Children Policies


Another aspect that is mandatory to be considered when choosing the right tech solution is the package builder. This has to be flexible enough and to allow you to add extra value to your products exploiting your creativity and building outstanding packages that will launch you in the top in terms of revenue.

Are you interested to reduce your working times and to increase your revenue by milking all conditions offered by the suppliers?