Have you thought doing something else this winter? Maybe you want to book a ticket to a warm place and to spend your holidays there? Even if there are dozens of countries, cities and islands with similar tropical climates, for us warmth means spending a great time with our families in exotic places. Below is a list with some wonderful destinations to take into consideration when scheduling your winter holiday.

  1. Costa Rica

Known as a popular travel destination with perfect beaches and untouched rain-forests that will make your holiday unforgettable.


2. Tenerife, Spain

This place has something for everyone, whether your interested in clubbing, water sport, explore and discover the beautiful life of people or just relax and have a great time.


3. Sydney, Australia

A great city with plenty of activities to experience, mostly perfect for those that travel with their families.


4. Maldives Islands

If you missed the sun and you want a peaceful place to stay, Maldives Islands are the best match.


5. Puerto Rico

Here the holiday season is longer that you have imagined.

puerto rico

6. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Explore the dynamic city in a tango style. The atmosphere of old neighbourhoods is full with energy and romantic restaurants.


7. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Tasting flavored lattes and listening wonderful Latin rhythms, definitely winter will seem so far away.