Traveling is always a good idea because you can discover new cultures, cities, explore local foods and places but mostly you discover yourself.  Here are 10 truths that we think travelers will identify themselves.

1. Taking too many photos is always a good idea, specially now that we have smartphones that make travelling so much easier, but remember to live your phone down from time to time and enjoy the moment;

2. Don’t over-plan your holiday. Leave room for the unexpected, but do some research to make sure you get the most of your destination and don’t be afraid of getting lost, that’s usually when you find best places;

3. Always try the local food ‘cause you can eat McDonalds at home and try to learn a few phrases in the local language, they can be a life saving sometimes;

4. No matter how much you travel, you still have a “Where’s my passport” or  “I’ve lost my passport” moment at least 5 times on the way to the airport;

5. Men who are travelling are so happy that beards are cool again;


6. Shopping in different cities is always more fun that shopping at home;

7. When you get home, your travels will feel like a weird and wonderful dream far to quickly;

8. Everyone panics when they’re one of the last at the luggage carousel;

9. You will undoubtedly have the best time of your life and probably you’ll wonder why you didn’t go sooner. Every experience will change you and you’ll never be the same again.

10. Most definitely you’ll try to encourage all of your friends to do the same.